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Get Better At Publishing Your Notion Documents

Save Time

No need to switch between tabs and reformat your content again and again – Export Notion documents to your blog in one click.

Boost Productivity

Focus on writing better and let us handle your formatting issues when exporting documents from Notion to your blog.

Easy Integration

We integrate seamlessly with your favorite CMS. Current integration includes WordPress, Webflow, and Medium.

How It Works

Step 1: Integrate NotionPress with Your Website

Collaborate with your team and write your article in Notion. Then, connect it with your CMS. We currently provide integration with WordPress, Webflow, and Medium blogs.

Step 2: Export Notion Docs from NotionPress dashboard

Go to the Notion Docs tab. Find your document and click on the “Export” button. Select your website to export your document.

Step 3: Find and Publish Article to Your Blog

Login to your CMS to find the article we exported. Add your final touch, including permalink structure, meta title, and alt texts for images. Hit publish!


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Save 10-20 hours a month.

  • 50 exports a month
  • Integrate 3 websites
  • Unlimited workspace

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Save 40-60 hours a month.

  • 100 exports a month
  • Integrate 10 websites
  • Unlimited workspace

Host WordPress Blog in Shopify Subfolder

Start 7-Day Free Trial